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I am Freddie P Raphael, a Buffalo native and played rugby in my early life for a professional club.

I am a true suburban guy, who believes in the importance  of grass root level exposure in any sports. It is very critical for cities to have a good working sports organizations to nurture young talent.

Some of these kids in the future join bigger national sporting organization representing there sports. These local clubs through their sporting culture help to build strong foundation which are needed to shape their personal and professional life. Therefore, I feel that we need to provide strong support for these clubs and organizations to function efficiently.
Problem I am trying to solve: Engage parents, family and friends to support a club and create a special affinity and bonding towards the club. Therefore, being able to buy different club merchandize that the kids plays for is critical. Therefore, having easy infrastructure to support that part of the club becomes a necessity. I would like model my business similar to a company called “fanatics”, which does similar kind of things for larger clubs. And I would like to replicate similar model to support local clubs.

My Vision: – Promote sports at grass roots level by providing access to club’s merchandize through my company
– Get parents and family involved in the club and build stronger affinity.
Grow – Financially support local clubs by sharing a percentage of the revenue generated from selling their merchandise.
Grow –Build better infrastructure for merchandizing for the clubs.

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Address: 3556 Hartford Way Vlg, Mount Pleasant, SC, 29466, Australia
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We are a group of business-minded sports fanatics located on the East Coast of the USA at Buffalo, New York.

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